Emerging Market

Indonesia with 240 million of population is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, is one of the emerging market economies of the world, and also the member of G-20 major economies. Domestic consumption is one of the major driving forces behind the country’s economic growth. The economic growth slowed considerably during 2007-08. However, like India and China, Indonesia recorded higher growth during the global financial crisis, compared to the other G20 members with GDP 5.5% in 2009.

Largest Automotive Consumer in South East Asia

Indonesia is 3rd world largest consumers in motor vehicle after China and India. The auto market in Indonesia is still major market in ASEAN with the number of vehicle to reach 20 million units of cars and 50 million units of motorcycles.

More International Automotive Factory

Indonesia has become center of production for ASEAN market from several global automobile industries (Volkswagen, Hino, Geely, Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, etc).

Largest Automotive Production in ASEAN

Indonesia is predicted to be the largest production of cars in ASEAN by 2011 (about 1 million units of cars per year).

Economic Stability

Auto market of Indonesia always upbeat, based on police data in 2009 the number of registration of car ownership in Indonesia reached 7.900.407 units and 52.767.093 units of motorcycles but in 2010, vehicle growth in Indonesia has increased until 15 % and  it is a component of industrial development opportunities in Indonesia.


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