Bringing you to the ASEAN’s biggest potential construction and mining business


As a featured service industry, Indonesian construction industry in the next year or two will be able to stand equally with its competitors in the ASEAN. Indonesian market construction services business has much potential, where the investment activities undertaken by the government and the private sector each year increased. This also linked to the coverage area and the number of people (the public) who should get service. Exploiting the potential of construction services business in Indonesia can be done with the involvement of national businesses on a competitive basis through a process that is transparent, fair, efficient and effective (economical), as well as law enforcement.

From 10 ASEAN countries, Indonesia is the most potential country regarding investment in the construction and mining market in which its leap reaches 35% or 500 trillion of the construction industry in ASEAN. Indonesian mining sector remains the main sector in which drives the national’s economic. This indicates to the international investors’ pursuing towards the mining sector. This special potential is concerned as a long-awaited to international industry players to create real business activities. Indonesia’s economic growth is also driven by both mining & construction. These sectors lead Indonesia to the constructed and organized nation for constructing  market. Nevertheless, the chances are wanted by almost 85% industry players in Asia.

In accordance infrastructure development in which reaches $450 billion, Indonesia has been stransformed by the process of decentralization, implying that regional leaders have become actors in terms of contract-making fro development projects. Domestic and foreign direct invesment in Indonesia in the first quarter of 2016 totaled USD $11 billion. This case is suggeste that it is highly unlikely for the private sector to come up with USD $141 billion for infrastructure development up to 2019 without some real breakthrough.

To accommodate these important sectors, we bring back CON-MINE 2017, the ultimate opportunity connect to construction and mining businesses in ASEAN.

The resounding success of CON-MINE 2016, in conjunction with Forklift Indonesia 2016, IIBT 2016, Tyre & Rubber Indonesia 2016 and INAPA 2016 welcomed 1003 companies represented from 19 countries and 25.920 trade visitors from 31 countries.

Following on this success, we continue to present CON-MINE 2017 which will be held on 29 March – 1 April 2017 at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran. The exhibition will put up bigger and better quality as the Indonesia’s unparalleled one-stop for the construction & mining machinery, equipment, services, and technology in 2017.



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