Market Information

  • Indonesia is considered as one of the most dynamic construction services market in the world.
  • The construction market will be one of the most promising sectors to the acceleration of government infrastructure development plans.
  • Indonesia got “investment grade” of S&P Global Ratings and it brings Indonesia as a stable country with decent of investment.
  • Indonesian government is targeting a growth rate of 12% with the infrastructure sector as the main driving factor. Furthermore, Indonesian has the largest mining sector business in Asia which reaches 12,74% of economic growth.
  • The government of the Republic of Indonesia executes massive infrastructure development including railway links such as Java’s northern and southern area railways, urban railways, i.e. Jakarta and Palembang Light Rail Transit (Jabodebek and Palembang LRT) and Jakarta – Bandung high speed rail. In addition, The central government has approved Great Jakarta’s infrastructure projects worth Rp 571 trillion (US$ 40.12 billion) until 2020. The transport infrastructure development needs including 223 kilometers of MRT tracks (current 16km), 116 km of LRT lines (current 5,8km) and a bus rapid transit (BRT) network that cover 2.149 km from 431 km. The government wants intermodal connectivity and continuity, both MRT, LRT, Electric Rail, BRT System then other modes of transportation.
  • -The government has vowed to continue the development of national strategic projects with the addition of 89 new projects of an estimated Rp 1.422 quadrillion in investment value.  New projects comprised 15 road and bridge projects, 13 dams and irrigation systems, 13 border infrastructure projects , 12 energy projects, 6 railway projects, 6 clean water projects, 5 airports, 5 seaports, 5 industrial zones, 3 technology projects, 3 smelters, one seawall, one waste management project and one land procurement project in Central Kalimantan.
  • Indonesia will focus on infrastructure projects and social programs worth $97 billion over the next five years as President Joko Widodo seeks to rescue Southeast Asia’s largest economy from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. The construction industry is expected to continue growing at a fast pace over the forecast period (2020-2024).
  • The government plans to spend IDR571 trillion (US$40 billion) on the development of transport infrastructure in Jakarta by 2029. Additionally, in May 2019, the government announced their plans to invest IDR6 quadrillion (US$412 billion) to develop country’s overall infrastructure during the period of 2020-2024. Furthermore, the government plans to add 430GW of new power plant capacity by 2050.
  • The government is expecting mining investments to reach US$7.75 billion this year, the highest projected amount between 2015 and 2024, fueled by a tidal wave of smelter development projects.

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