Market Information


  • Indonesia is considered as one of the most dynamic construction services market in the world.
  • The construction market is projected to grow by 14.26% to Rp 446 trillion by 2017 and will be one of the most promising sectors to the acceleration of government infrastructure development plans.
  • Indonesia got “investment grade” of S&P Global Ratings and it brings Indonesia as a stable country with decent of investment.
  • Indonesian government is targeting a growth rate of 12% with the infrastructure sector as the main driving factor. Furthermore, Indonesian has the largest mining sector business in Asia which reaches 12,74% of economic growth.
  • accordance infrastructure development which reaches $450 billion, Indonesia has been transformed by the process of decentralization, implying that regional leaders have become actors in terms of contract-making for development projects. Domestic and foreign direct investment in Indonesia in the first quarter of 2017 reaches USD $11 billion. This case shows that it is highly unlikely for the private sector to come up with USD $141 billion for infrastructure development up to 2019 without some real breakthrough
  • From now to 2024, annual growth of >3% is expected in global truck market, mainly driven by global GDP growth, estimated at 3.3% per year
  • The Indonesia truck’s development is still significant, proven by the increasing sales trucks in 2017. The statistic shows the growth of truck is estimated at CAGR 3.5% and bus growth is around to 1.9% to 2020. In truck segment, the gasoline light-duty truck segment (GLDT) is expected to experience the fastest growth at 4.6% while the medium-duty bus segment (MDB) in bus segment is expected around 3.2% to 2020